The Jacks Congrats cards are designed for teachers to use as a reward in their school classrooms for children under the age of 12.  With the presentation of this card, the student/child can receive a free kids meal from their nearest Jacks location.

Schools have a hard time finding the funding to give away prizes!  It is proven that a small reward for children can make them shine!  Our commitment to the students is to help them reach a very yummy reward, and learn in the process.

These cards are available to teachers just for asking. When you are requesting, please let us know if there is a specific intent or a number of cards that you wish to have.  A teacher that they can freely give out to students as they wish.  You will notice that all of the Congrats cards are kid friendly, and only the “Jacks” name is mentioned.

If you feel this would suit your needs, would you please fill out the form below, and the nearest Jacks store will be in contact with you.

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